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"Justice is the constant and perpetual wish to render to every one his due."
~ Emperor Justinian
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Annual Meeting, Election & Scholarship Reception
Annual Meeting, Election & Scholarship Reception
Annual Meeting, Election & Scholarship Reception
The Justinian Society and Foundation Host 80th Anniversary, Honor the Chairman of Philadelphia Energy Solutions and Present Law School Scholarships
The Justinian Society and Foundation hosted their 80th Anniversary on June 6, 2016, honoring Philip Rinaldi, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board, Philadelphia Energy Solutions LLC. The Foundation also presented three scholarships to outstanding law student.More...
The Justinian Society Elects Officers at Annual Meeting
The Justinian Society Annual Meeting and Election was held on June 6, 2016 at Top of the Tower in Philadelphia. More...
The Justinian Foundation Awards Three Scholarships to Law Students
The Justinian Foundation, which provides scholarships to Italian-American students enrolled in Philadelphia-area law schools, recently presented scholarships totaling $4,500 to three area students. More...
The Justinian Society and Foundation Announce the Richard F. Furia, Esquire Scholarship Open to Second Year Law School Students
Justinian Society Event Photos

To see all of the photos from our most recent events, see our Flickr account.

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To see photos from the 2019 Annual Meeting, Election & Scholarship Reception and Luncheon, click here.

To see photos from the Luncheon Honoring The Honorable Idee Fox, click here.

To see photos from the Luncheon Honoring 2019 Phila Bar Chancellor Shelli M. Fedullo, click here.

To see photos from the 2018 Justinian Christmas Party, click here.

To see photos from the 2018 Beccaria Award Ceremony, click here.

To see photos from the 2018 Annual Meeting, Election & Scholarship Reception, click here.

To see photos from the Justinian Luncheon Honoring Carl A. Solano, click here.


The Board of Governors of The Justinian Society meets monthly on the third Monday of the month. Board meetings are open to all members of The Justinian Society.

The Board of Governors consists of the officers of The Justinian Society, elected board members, the past chancellors of The Justinian Society, ex-officio members and the chairs of the active committees.


Gregory F. Cirillo, Chancellor
Dino Privitera, Vice Chancellor
Thomas H. Chiacchio Jr., Secretary
Francesca A. Iacovangelo, Treasurer

Elected Board Members

(Term of July 2019 to June 2022)
Nathan J. Andrisani
G. Lawrence DeMarco
Ryan G. Gatto
Brian F. George
Brittany L. Stepp

(Term of July 2018 to June 2021)
Marisa R. DeFeo
Perry DeMarco, Jr.
Marie-Theres DiFillippo
Anthony Christina

(Term of July 2017 to June 2020)
Vincent N. Barbera
Frank Dante
Michael N. DeAngelo
Matthew Faranda-Diedrich
Jennifer Iacono Popelack
Melinda M. Previtera

Past Chancellors
Gaetan J. Alfano
Gino Benedetti
Gabriel L.I. Bevilacqua
Joseph A. Canuso
Barbara A. Capozzi
Michael G. DeFino
Frank DiMeo Jr.
Annette Ferrara
William P. Fedullo
Gina Furia Rubel
Rudolph Garcia
Denise C. Gentile
Alexander B. Giacobetti
Henry J. Lunardi
Michael Mattioni
Carl S. Primavera

Ex Officio
Honorable Robert S. Blasi (Ret.)
Honorable Edward J. Bradley (Ret.)
Honorable Matthew Carrafiello
Honorable Victor J. DiNubile, Jr., (Ret.)
Honorable William J. Manfredi (Ret.)
Honorable William J. Mazzola (Ret.)
Honorable John R. Padova
Honorable Jack A. Panella
Honorable Paul P. Panepinto (Ret.)
Honorable Louis J. Presenza (Ret.)
Honorable Annette M. Rizzo (Ret.)
Honorable Anthony J. Scirica
Honorable Correale F. Stevens
Honorable Esther R. Sylvester (Ret.)

Committee Chairs

Bar Recruitment Committee
Justin Moriconi

Beccaria Award Committee
Perry de Marco Jr.
Elizabeth Preate Havey

Christmas Party Committee
Carmen Nasuti III
Valerie Pedicone

CLE Committee
Matthew Faranda-Diedrich
Richard DeMarco

Columbus Day Parade Committee
Richard DeMarco

DiBona/Comisky Award Committee
Francesca Iacovangelo

Historical Committee
Hon. Matthew Carrafiello
Ryan Gatto

Law School Liaison Committee
Marie-Theres DiFillippo
Anthony Christiana

Long-Range Planning Committee
TerriAnne Benedetto
Alessandra Carrafiello

Mentoring Committee
Vincent Barbera
G. Lawrence DeMarco
Justin Moriconi

Membership Committee
Richard DeMarco
Mary Gidaro

Nominating Committee
Alexander B. Giacobetti

Portrait Committee
Matthew Faranda-Diedrich
Valerie Pedicone

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Public Offices Committee
Vito F. Canuso

Richard F. Furia Scholarship Committee
Gino Benedetti
Justin Moriconi

Social Media/Website Committee
Jennifer Iacono Popelack
Gina Furia Rubel

Young Lawyers Committee
Vincent Barbera
Anthony Christina

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