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"Justice is the constant and perpetual wish to render to every one his due."
~ Emperor Justinian
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September 2021 Justinian Member of the Month
This month, the Justinian Society proudly spotlights the accomplishments of George Bochetto, nationally acclaimed trial lawyer and litigator in countless cases due to his unrelenting and persuasive litigation and trial techniques. George has been cited for "Raising the Bar" by the National Law Journal. He led the challenge of the decision from City of Philadelphia to remove the Christopher Columbus Statue at Marconi Plaza, a public space in South Philadelphia, in a recent legal victory. In addition to his litigation practice, George has been a lifelong member of the athletic community and was appointed Pennsylvania's State Boxing Commissioner in 1995, serving until 2002, where he completely revamped the regulation of boxing in Pennsylvania. More...
August 2021 Justinian Member of the Month
This month, the Justinian Society proudly spotlights the accomplishments Joseph P. Stampone. He is the founder and managing shareholder of Stampone O'Brien Dilsheimer Law since 1984. His practice has focused on a variety of civil litigation and transactional matters, primarily complex personal injury matters, including motor vehicle accidents, product liability, construction accidents, and medical malpractice. Among his numerous passions for legal, civic and family activities, his law firm's recent project is a commissioned Mural entitled "Lady Justice" to be painted on the west wall of our office building located at 500 Cottman Avenue, Cheltenham, PA. The firm has always stood up in earnest advocating for the rights of the little guy, the powerless, and the underprivileged. A rendering of the Mural is included for your viewing. More...
July 2021 Justinian Member of the Month
This month, the Justinian Society proudly spotlights the accomplishments of Judge William J. Manfredi (Ret.) as Judge of the Court of Common Pleas from 1983 until his retirement in 2014. The Judge spent 10 years on the criminal side of the Court, as Major and Homicide Trial judge, calendar (assignment) judge for both the Major Trial and Homicide Programs, and as Supervising Judge for Philadelphia County Investigating Grand Jury. He is well-known as an accomplished mediator and has been involved in the non-trial resolutions of numerous Mass Tort and other complex major litigation. More...
June 2021 Justinian Member of the Month
This month, the Justinian Society proudly spotlights the accomplishments of Barbara A. Capozzi. She was the first woman Chancellor of the Justinian Society after completing terms in all Board Offices and has continued to serve as President of the Justinian Scholarship Foundation since its inception in 1994. During her 30 year career, she has become an authority on the South Philadelphia, Southwest and Center City housing markets. As a highly successful business owner, Barbara has thrived even in challenging economic times. As a Civic Leader, she is highly invested in the neighborhoods in which she works by building strong coalitions to fight for civic and business interests. More...
May 2021 Justinian Member of the Month
This month, the Justinian Society proudly spotlights the accomplishments of Alexander B. Giacobetti. He is celebrating his 50th year out of Villanova Law School. Among other accomplishments, he still serves as a Judge Pro Tem and Arbitrator in both C.P. and Federal Court and enjoys serving at Villanova, as a Moot Court Judge and Judge in their Client Counseling Competition. We also celebrate Alex’s contribution to the Justinian Society legacy by serving as Justinian Chancellor from 2000 to 2002 and in 2018 taking charge of the Justinian Annual Election process.His prize passion is the American British Reliability Run, a two-day charity car drive to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children. The initial goal was for $50,000 and by end of the final tally $66,950 was raised for Shriners. More...
April 2021 Justinian Member of the Month
This month, the Justinian Society proudly spotlights the accomplishments of Judge Louis J. Presenza (Ret.), President Judge Emeritus, Philadelphia Municipal Court. Following his commitment to the greater good of all communities, he was a member of the Pennsylvania Statewide Adult Drug Court Advisory Committee, the Pennsylvania Statewide Mental Health Initiatives Task Force, the City of Philadelphia's Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission and the Mayor's Task Force on Homeless Services. He also served as a faculty member for the National Drug Court Institute and is past Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP). He was a founding member of the Pennsylvania Association of Drug Court Professionals and served consecutive two-year terms as its inaugural President. More...
March 2021 Justinian Member of the Month
This month, the Justinian Society proudly spotlights the accomplishments of Judge Matthew D. Carrafiello during his career as Judge, Court of Common Pleas, First Judicial District, Orphans' Court, Administrative Judge, Orphans' Court Division, Member, Administrative Governing Board, First Judicial District of PA, Undersheriff, City of Philadelphia, Merit Selection Appointee; Administrator of Office, Adjudicator of Legal Decisions/Determinations; Chief Sworn Officer and his Trial Practice. He is most revered for his fondest activity which is mentoring students. During his early years to-date, he created and also actively participated in the Young Lawyers and Mentoring Committees activities of The Justinain Society and the Court. More...
February 2021 Justinian Member of the Month
This month the Justinian Society of Philadelphia proudly spotlights The Honorable Annette M. Rizzo (Ret.) who in these extraordinary times, has been called upon by City officials to assist in the development of an Eviction Prevention Diversion Program, modeled after the Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program. It was launched last summer to address the overwhelming adverse impact COVID has had on vulnerable housing for citizens in Philadelphia. With a team from the City, Housing Counselors, members of the Public Interest Law sector and Landlord bar, and Good Shepherd Meditation it has been in operation offering relief citywide. More...
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2021 First "In Person" Annual Meeting/Election Announcement
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Virtual Annual Meeting, Election & Scholarship Announcement
News from The Justinian Foundation – 2020 Scholarship Recipient
Annual Meeting, Election & Scholarship Reception
Annual Meeting, Election & Scholarship Reception
Annual Meeting, Election & Scholarship Reception
The Justinian Society and Foundation Host 80th Anniversary, Honor the Chairman of Philadelphia Energy Solutions and Present Law School Scholarships
The Justinian Society and Foundation hosted their 80th Anniversary on June 6, 2016, honoring Philip Rinaldi, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board, Philadelphia Energy Solutions LLC. The Foundation also presented three scholarships to outstanding law student. More...
The Justinian Society Elects Officers at Annual Meeting
The Justinian Society Annual Meeting and Election was held on June 6, 2016 at Top of the Tower in Philadelphia. More...
The Justinian Foundation Awards Three Scholarships to Law Students
The Justinian Foundation, which provides scholarships to Italian-American students enrolled in Philadelphia-area law schools, recently presented scholarships totaling $4,500 to three area students. More...
The Justinian Society and Foundation Announce the Richard F. Furia, Esquire Scholarship Open to Second Year Law School Students
  June 2021 Justinian Member of the Month

June 2021 Justinian Member of the Month

Unrivaled authority on the South Philadelphia, Southwest and Center City housing markets with more than 30 years of experience.

Civic leader who is highly invested in the neighborhoods in which she works.

Successful business owner who has thrived even in challenging economic times.

Straight shooter whose direct, knowledgeable approach benefits clients and multiple community causes. Attorney whose backgrounds aids in negotiations and defuses potential conflicts.

Passionate advocate who builds strong coalitions to fight for civic and business interests.


2019 - Present
Sold management and insurance business in order to concentrate on development of 14 custom townhomes in South Philadelphia- Renaissance Estates Capozzi Real Estate/ Insurance Ltd.

1992 - 2019
The firm, built to accommodate the diverse needs of property buyers and sellers, continues to grow along with the neighborhoods it serves. Capozzi Real Estate was at the forefront of the expanding South Philadelphia housing made over the past two decades.
The agency, which specializes rental in sales, property management and also serves Center City and Southwest Philadelphia.
Clients receive the benefit of expertise; Barbara Capozzi and her team have a keen understanding of the local market, including city and neighborhood property regulations.
The agency's impressive track record includes the sale of three marquee developments: Reserve at Packer Park, Villas at Packer Park and Regen cy at Packer Park. The developments sold out in record time – 330 homes.


A commitment to the community that transcends the real-estate business:
- Packer Park Civic Association: President, 1994-present (elections every two years)
- Sports Complex Special Services District, District Two: community director,
- 2001- present; Treasurer, 2011 present (elections every four years)
- Friends of FDR Park:2006-present. Co-President, 2019 - present
- Citizens Crime Commission: board of directors, 2001 - present
- National Italian American Political Action Committee, Board of Directors, 2004-present


Taking a leadership role to help shape the regional real-estate and legal sectors:
- Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors: President, 2012 - currently on RPAC & Government Affairs Committees
- Builders Association of Philadelphia: board of directors, 2008 - present
- South Philadelphia Board of Realtors: vice president and board member, 2005 - present
- The Justinian Society of Philadelphia: Past Chancellor, Past Vice Chancellor, Past Secretary and Past Treasurer, 1979 – present
- The Justinian Scholarship Foundation: President, 1994 - present
- Lawyers' Club of Philadelphia: President - 1984


- Lifetime Achievement Award in Business Services, National Italian American Political Action Committee, 2007
- Person of the Year, Filitalia, 2006
- Person of the Year (Purple Aster Award), Order Sons of Italy in America, 2001


- Temple University School of Law: Juris doctor with honors, 1979
- Villanova University: Bachelor's degree with honors, political science, 1975
- Philadelphia High School for Girls, Class of 1971
- Continuing education: classes in law, real estate and insurance that fulfill and exceed annual mandatory requirements for real-estate broker, insurance broker and attorney licenses.

Una Piccola Conversazione

1. How long have you been a member of the Justinian Society?

I have enjoyed my association with the Justinian Society since 1979, when 1 passed the Bar. Judge Bonavitacola and Jules Fiorvanti recruited me under the guise of 'new blood'.

2. Why did you join the Justinian Society, and what do you hope to gain from membership?

The Society was always an excellent way to meet colleagues and Judges, hear the latest news and trends, the latest gossip and job opportunities. The Society has always been well-respected and on the forefront of action on legal issues of the day. I am very proud to be a member and the first female Chancellor. I am also honored to be the President of the Justinian Foundation, which we started the year Jules Fioravanti died in his memory. The Foundation has gifted hundreds of thousands of dollars of scholarships to rising 3rd year law students to help pay a portion of their last year's tuition.

3. What do you love or enjoy most about your job?

My 'paying' job is real estate development now, and it is thrilling to bring a high-quality fabulous plan to life. From paper to bricks and mortar is a long process, a labor of love, but during a pandemic is the worst imaginable time to build, and which Phila. bureaucracy makes unnecessarily painful. We survived and now have 14 gorgeous custom homes - Renaissance Estates ( Meshing happy buyers with a superior home in the City's safest, greenest community is a JOY!

My real 'job' is my civic work, which I enjoy the most Someone has to do it, and for 30+ years in my community it has been me. There is no end to the bad things that the City and other greedy people will try to dump on a good neighborhood, and if we do not push back hard, Packer Park would never survive and thrive.

4. How would you define success?

Balance. Work and play, pleasure and pain, wins and losses.

5. Who or what inspires you?

Sadly, the world lacks inspiring leaders right now. I am inspired by working moms, hardworking dads, and those who get up every day and keep fighting in order to preserve their little piece of the world.

6. If you could choose anyone in history as a mentor, who would you choose and why?

My Dad - he worked so hard, always had innovative ideas, was way ahead of his time, was always kind and generous to everyone, and LOVED his work. If you 'love it' - it is not 'work'. Judge Bonavitacola who was a world-class mentor. Smart, practical, wise, compassionate, relentless... ... Now, I mentor young ones wherever and whenever I can if they will listen.

7. Name one valuable lesson you’ve learned in your life and that you would advise other members to follow?

Trust your intuition - follow your gut - don't be afraid to go against the tide - speak up -be yourself - be authentic life is too short to waste with people or on people who are not authentic friends.

8. What’s something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know?

It is not exactly ‘fun’ but most people don't know I am legally blind. It amazes me that people would rather think 1 am a ‘snob’, ‘stuck up', I 'never say hello’ (but they see me and THEY don’t say hello), etc. No, I just don’t know you are there. Fortunately, like a cat, my other senses work well, so I cross streets by sound (electric cars are murder), and when I trip, stumble, I always land on my feet, it is very strange to behold. The other fun fact is though I have a tough exterior, I am painfully compassionate, as is my husband.

I do sense the slightest human suffering in others and it is painful most times, I try to help as much as I can.

9. What’s the last book you read?

I am Re - listening (I highly recommend to Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged - 80 years old but it could have been written today - Self - responsibility / the value of capitalism and self - determination I the evil of socialism

10. What’s your favorite thing about Philadelphia, i.e., sports team, restaurant, museum, history, music etc.?

Philadelphia should be a wonderland, a Disney World of top-notch services, beauty, entertainment. I love the diversity, the variety, the neighborhoods, I adore the Parks, especially my beloved luscious FDR Park (Come on down for the magical outdoor Flower Show - June 5 to 13th).

Philadelphia succeeds in spite of itself, unbearable tax structure, lack of leadership on all levels, ineffective and inefficient city services and yet there is no place else I would rather live........ well, Longport is a close second.

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