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"Justice is the constant and perpetual wish to render to every one his due."
~ Emperor Justinian
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Superior Court Judge Jack Panella and the Justinian Society hosted Italian law students and attorneys
For years now, the Superior Court Judge Jack Panella and the Justinian Society have hosted Italian law students and attorneys More...
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2024 Annual Meeting/Election, Scholarship Reception and Luncheon honoring William Mignucci, President & CEO of Di Bruno Brothers
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The Justinian Society 2023 Justinian Christmas Party
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Annual Meeting/Election, Scholarship Reception and Luncheon honoring Dario C. Altieri, MD President and Chief Executive Officer of The Wistar Institute Director of the Ellen and Ronald Caplan Cancer Center Distinguished Professor, Robert and Penny Fox Immunology, Microenvironment & Metastasis Program.
The Justinian Society and Foundation honored Dario C. Altieri, M.D.. To see photos from the event, click here.

2023 Beccaria Ceremony Awarded to Sara Jacobson, Esquire, Executive Director, Public Defender Association of Pennsylvania (PDAP) with Complimentary Reception.
The Justinian Society and the Philadelphia Bar Association Criminal Justice Section 2023 Beccaria Award given to Sara Jacobson. To see photos from the event, click here.

  Proposed Closure of the Italian Consulate in Philadelphia

Dear Member of The Justinian Society:


Within the past month, the Italian government announced the planned closures of two consulate offices in the United States: Philadelphia and Detroit. We encourage members of The Justinian Society to send letters requesting reconsideration of the Italian Consulate closure in Philadelphia to the Italian government. A letter has also been sent by our organization on behalf of our membership.


The Italian Consular District of Philadelphia consists of the states of Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 


The Consulate in Philadelphia is strategically located in one of the most important cities in the United States. In fact, the most recent study conducted by the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) indicates that Philadelphia’s regional Italian-American population is only second to New York City with nearly 500,000 residents.


Philadelphia offers many business and educational opportunities to our Italian counterparts. Our city provides unique market opportunities to Italian companies due to its strategic, Atlantic coast and port-city locality. Philadelphia and the surrounding counties are also the U.S. home to many important Italian-owned businesses.


Philadelphia hosts a concentration of prominent educational institutions and universities – many of which provide student exchange programs in partnership with Italy.


Philadelphia area hospitals and top medical facilities work with Italian researchers in all areas of medicine including cancer, Colley’s Anemia and Alzheimer’s – all of which affect many Italians.


If that were not enough, one must also acknowledge the historical significance of our city and its recognition as a major tourist destination for Italians visiting the United States. In fact, US Airways provides daily direct flights from Philadelphia to Rome and Milan – allowing for continuous passage between the two countries. Many of the travelers require consular services and assistance and will be forced to travel to New York City or Washington, D.C. should the Philadelphia office be closed.


The Italian Consulate in Philadelphia plays a significant role in our community. For those of you interested in sharing your concerns with the Italian government, letters can be sent to:


On. Stefano Stafani


Commissione Affari Esteri

Camera dei deputati

00186 Rome, Italy

Via email: [email protected]


A private petition has also been made available below which should be copied and pasted into a separate document and mailed to Hon. Salvatore Ferrigno, Preside ComItEs of Philadelphia, P. O. Box 14388, Philadelphia 19115.


Thank you for your consideration to this matter.




Gina Furia Rubel, Esq., Chancellor

Edward DiDonato, Esq., Vice Chancellor

Roberta D'Onofrio Pichini, Esq., Secretary

Gino Benedetti, Esq., Treasurer









First Name _________________________    

Last Name  _________________________



City _______________________________     

State __________________ Zip ________


Telephone __________________________

Email ________________________________



List of additional family members:


1.     First name ______________________________________


2.     First name ______________________________________


3.     First name ______________________________________


4.     First name ______________________________________


5.     First name ______________________________________


6.     First name ______________________________________


7.     First name ______________________________________







The above family resides in the Italian Consular District of Philadelphia, consisting of the states of Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania.


The above information will be used solely for the purpose of presenting petitions of protest as consented by the Privacy Law (L. 675/96). 

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